Since 1992,  Abby Schwartz Associates has earned an extraordinary reputation for high quality,
customized creative design, thorough documentation, and careful attention to detail. 
Under Abby Schwartz’s supervision, the firm has completed a wide variety of projects
including expansions, renovations, and new construction. 


Abby Schwartz Associates feels passionately that the most successful designs emerge when architecture and interior design are considered simultaneously, providing a truly integrated solution.

Above all, Abby Schwartz Associates believes in the importance of a comprehensive approach to architecture and design.  While clients' visions, goals and budget are at the core of each project, the professionals at Abby Schwartz Associates are also acutely aware of the broader perspective.  The exploratory design process accounts for the myriad factors that affect all clients and their projects: aesthetics and image, budget and maintenance, resale, growth, and change.

This unique holistic approach to design promotes an evaluation of customer priorities, probes deeply into clients' needs and core values, and identifies hidden concerns. The result: a carefully crafted, budget sensitive, thoughtful, and balanced design.

Our Services


  • Comprehensive Architectural Design: full-service design and documentation for construction of additions, renovations, and new buildings

  • Architectural Consulting: on-site consultation to discuss with Owner potential architectural design solutions and their associated costs

  • Spatial Programming: determination of the required and desired spatial and functional needs of the project

  • Master Planning and Feasibility Studies: Exploration of design possibilities, recommendation of best solutions, cost comparisons, prioritization, work scope development and consideration of project phasing

  • Cost Estimation: Determination of ballpark construction costs for feasibility, planning, and decision-making

  • Preparation of Existing Conditions Drawings: Survey of existing facilities and documentation of conditions already in place

  • Space Planning and Tenant Fit-Out: Floor plan development within existing or proposed facilities and preparation of construction documents

  • Lighting Design: Creation of comprehensive lighting solutions associated with interior or exterior space design and layout

  • Hardscaping: Design of patios, decks, trellises, retaining walls, walkways, and other outdoor features as they relate to the architecture and to the site

  • Bidding & Negotiations: Aiding Owner in the process of obtaining bids from general contractors and the preparation of construction contracts

  • Construction Administration: Project observation and regular site visits to aid Owner throughout construction

    Interior Design

  • Comprehensive Interior Design: Full-service interior design documentation and execution for all project types

  • Interior Design Consulting: On-site consultation to discuss with Owner potential interior design solutions and their associated costs

  • Interior Master Planning: Exploration of design possibilities, recommendation of best solutions, prioritization, work scope development, and consideration of project phasing

  • Furniture Concepts: Development of proposed furniture layouts (using new and existing furniture) to include locations of built-ins, area rugs, feature artwork, etc.

  • Furniture Design: Creation of original built-in furniture pieces, to include selection of finishes, colors, hardware, etc.

  • Interior Fit-Out: Product search, selection, and design solutions for tile, cabinetry, decorative lighting, molding, and finishes

  • Window Treatment Design: Creation of window treatment solutions to include selection of fabric, colors, hardware, etc., as well as implementation

  • Corporate Image Development: Production of interior corporate image concepts for businesses and professional clientele

  • Bidding & Negotiations: Aiding Owner in the process of obtaining bids from general contractors and the preparation of construction contracts

  • Construction Administration: Project observation and regular site visits to aid Owner throughout construction


We hired Abby Schwartz Associates when our project stalled. We were adding an addition to our kitchen and the new addition had a much higher ceiling. It was supposed to be simple, but when the frame was built and the wall of the house taken out, we realized it didn’t make sense and we couldn’t figure out how to make it work. ASA came in and could see what we couldn’t. They listened to our concerns and our hopes and were able to come up with a wonderful solution. ASA really listens and cares about their clients. My husband and I still often look around our kitchen and say “Thank God for ASA!”.
— Laura Glaser Harrington
We have worked with Abby Schwartz Associates on several projects and they are truly one of the best design groups around. Abby and her team do architectural and interior design. They are totally customer focused. The design work is never about them, and always about what’s best for the customer. I will be happy working with them again soon!
— Cottage Industries, Inc
Abby Schwartz Associates have worked with us on several different projects in our home, over the past 5 years. I was always reluctant to use a designer, because it was important to me that our home reflect “us” and not the style of an interior designer. They have done a wonderful job throughout our home, with lighting, additional windows, furniture and paint to enhance the “feel” of our home. They are also extremely organized and meet all of their commitments. Everyone on the staff is professional and helpful. We’ve had a great experience with Abby Schwartz Associates.
— Nancy B., Homeowner, Devon
We’ve worked with Abby Schwartz Associates for over 10 years and it has always been a great experience. ASA is creative, professional and delivers what they promise. Their architectural drawings are not only detailed and accurate, but designed by taking their client’s needs and transforming them into a creative and functional use of space. We believe that Abby Schwartz Associates is one of the best integrated architecture and interior firms in the Philadelphia area.
— XL Builders, General Contractor, Berwyn
We are now working on our 5th project with Abby Schwartz Associates. ASA is a the team of incredibly talented, creative thinkers, tenacious problem-solvers, and totally professional. Our projects have all been challenging: re-habbing old buildings in downtown Philadelphia to bring them up to modern standards. Those jobs were not easy and on many occasions presented problems that had to be quickly worked out in the field. ASA was the team leader in all of those situations and moved the work along quickly and in expert fashion. Highly recommended.
— Jeff, Homeowner, Philadelphia